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Country Creek Cabin Rental Policies and Information.


Age Requirement

Primary renter/tenant must be 21 years of age or older.  Primary renter/tenant is defined as the person reserving and paying for the security deposit/rental fees and is responsible for all guests staying at the property during their stay.

Pet Policy

We DO NOT Allow Pets. Please respect this policy, if you bring a pet you will be charged a fee.


Property Check
You, the tenant, is financially responsible for any damage done to the cabin during your stay. If you notice any damage or anything out of the ordinary, please contact us within 1 hour of your arrival at (330) 852-4808 or  Please make sure to check to see if you have heat, electricity, hot water and the hot tub is working upon arrival. 

Check In/Check Out
Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. and check out time is 11:00 a.m. unless other arrangements have been made.  Please call the morning of your arrival to see if an early check-in is possible.  Country Creek Cabin  inspects the property the day of your arrival to ensure the cabin is ready for your stay. Early check-ins can dramatically affect our quality assurance program and our staff will make an effort to accommodate your request if possible, but is not guaranteed.   Late check-outs (by 1:00 p.m.) require a phone call the day of your departure.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.  NO early check-ins or late check-outs are available during the winter holiday season or on holidays. Additional charges for late check-outs: $50 for 2 bedrooms. Late check-ins can potentially affect the quality of your stay and our service. If you are arriving very late at night it can directly affect hot tubs being heated and ready, snow removal, finding the property and access to the property.  No credits will be given to parties that arrive late and experience difficulties.


Country Creek Cabin Rentals require weekly maintenance for the following; spa service, landscaping services and irrigation. These outside companies are usually at the homes for less than 15 minutes with routine maintenance scheduled during weekdays.   More extensive maintenance will be scheduled around your booking.



Country Creek Cabin has basic supplies.  Country Creek Cabin supplies bath towels, bed linens, toilet paper,  paper towels, trash bags, cleaning sponge, and minimal cleaning supplies.  We do not supply shampoo, conditioner or shower soap.  Hair dryers not guaranteed in all cabins. The cabin is supplied with a variety of kitchen appliances and supplies.


BBQ – The grill is propane and propane tanks cannot be filled between rentals.  If you find the propane tank runs out during your stay, please call us and we will dispatch a person with a replacement.   Please allow for a delay due to staffing and other  possible emergencies. Tenants are welcome to exchange the propane tanks out themselves if they wish.  The local gas stations provide an exchange program.  We will reimburse you for the cost of the propane if you choose to do this yourself. A receipt of purchase is required to be turned in and the refund will be issued.

Animals and insects – Country Creek Cabin is a country cabin located on a wooded lot and you may encounter wildlife.



Please wipe up or soak up any spills immediately. Spa- A fine may be charged for dirty spas/hot tubs requiring a drain and refill. Additional charges for filters if needed. NEVER use soaps, shampoos, bubble bath or any product that creates suds as this can damage the spa/hot tub. The chemical balance of a spa/hot tub is constantly measured and can change due to alcohol, urine, cleaning materials, lotions, etc. and can easily trigger the necessity for a drain, refill and scrub.


Snow Removal

During the winter months Country Creek Cabin will try to keep the driveway as open as possible. However we do recommend that you would drive a vehicle equipped with 4 wheel drive during snowy months.



Country Creek Cabin supplies firewood for use free of charge to guests at the cabin. Always be responsible when using firewood and only start a fire in the fire-pit located on the patio.


Country Creek Cabin Booking and Cancellation Policy

Payment is due in full at the time of booking. Properties are subject to be released for re-booking if full payment has not been received within the said time frame.  All payment arrangements other than what is described here must have supporting written documentation. If you need to cancel your reservation, call Country Creek Cabin right away.  Occasionally cabins can be re-booked. If you need to cancel your reservation please do so one week prior to your check in date at the latest. Any cancelations received later will only be issued at 50% of the original reservation total.

 NO REFUNDS FOR UNUSED NIGHTS or early check-outs.  Refunds are only given if all road access to Country Creek Cabin are closed at the same time and you cannot make it to your reservation.

Phone reservations must be paid within 24 hours by credit card, or with confirmation of mailing cashier’s check or money order.  No personal checks will be accepted within the 30 day period prior to your arrival date.  Only CASHIER’S CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS, or CREDIT CARD payments accepted within 30 days prior to your arrival.  Please check with the office regarding minimum day requirements.

Formal Quotes are issued by email and  will be honored for 5 days.  You must request a formal quote to lock in a price which will include the cabin, booking dates and cost. Phone conversations, verbal quotes and email threads will not be honored as formal quotes.  Country Creek Cabin uses a hospitality system that automatically increases and lowers rates based on occupancy and homeowner set specifications and pricing.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of rates that are more than 120 days out. Please call for verification.

Country Creek Cabin reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time for any reason. Bookings cannot be guaranteed for any reason.  Please call to verify if bookings over 120 days can be made.

Renters are 100% responsible for any fees or penalties.  Each renter is responsible for their guests.  This also includes any fees related to copyright violations.

Make checks payable to:  Country Creek Cabin
Mail to: 9060 Cement Bridge Road NW Dundee, OH 44624

Country Creek Cabin is open 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm. We can be reached at (330) 852-4808. For emergencies, call (330) 608-7208.


1. Please turn lights off inside and outside.
2. Make sure all trash is in receptacles.
3. Wash all dishes

4. Close all windows and leave the key on the table inside the cabin.

5. Put all dirty laundry (towels etc.) in the washer and start cycle.



Country Creek Cabin Staff will remove trash. Always put your trash into proper trash receptacles. 


You are permitted to fish at our pond - however we ask the you only catch enough for a meal at the cabin and not to take home. This makes so that other guests can also enjoy fresh fish for their stay. 

Thank you 

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